Vegan Beef Jerky (100gr)


Vegan Beef Jerky a delicious plant-based snack. This Jerky is made of soybean Protein and is 100% meatless. Great taste!


Vegan Beef Jerky Online at VegMeUp

Why eat beef jerky when you can indulge in a healthier, tastier and more nutritious alternative? Our range of vegan beef jerky is hugely popular among vegans and meat-eaters alike, serving as a delicious plant-based snack for when you’re feeling peckish.

Whether you’re vegan or you simply love the taste, our 100% meatless vegan beef jerky tastes just like the real thing; bursting with mouth-watering flavours and revitalising nutrients.

It is made of soybean protein, with a texture that is virtually indistinguishable from regular beef jerky varieties. Enjoy as a movie night snack, or share it with friends the next time you’re entertaining. Whatever the occasion, our vegan beef jerky always hits the spot!

Treat yourself, with our delicious vegan beef jerky

There is a whole host of benefits to eating vegan beef jerky as a substitute for regular jerky and similar snacks. Not only are there far fewer calories in vegan beef jerky, but the varieties that we supply are rich in vitamins and nutrients. They’re also bursting with flavour, which is always a plus!

If you like the taste of regular beef jerky but you’re eager to cut down on meat, you’ve come to the right place – our vegan beef jerky is so well-made that you won’t even be able to tell the difference in taste and texture.

For those of us who like to get creative in the kitchen, there are all kinds of great recipes that use vegan beef jerky as a key ingredient. Our Dutch culinary wizard Jimmy will be happy to enlighten you on some scrumptious vegan beef jerky meals to cook at home – simply drop us a line!

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The VegMeUp team is passionate about sourcing the finest plant-based foods and nutritious snacks available and offering them to you here for affordable prices. If you’re interested in our vegan beef jerky, you might also enjoy our organic flaxseeds, savoury yeast, organic maple syrup and almonds coated in dark chocolate – just to name a few!

If you have specific food allergies or dietary requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and a friendly member of our team will be able to offer expert guidance on which of our tasty treats are suitable for you. We’re all about delivering exceptional customer service, at VegMeUp.