2 Person Box – 3 Meals

3 Delicious plant-based meals for 2 people

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2 Person Plant-Based Meal Delivery Kit 

VegMeUp offers a convenient and nutritious 2 person plant-based meal kit containing either three or four meals, delivered to your door every Tuesday. At $78.50 a week for three meals each and $98 a week for four meals each, you can eat healthily and discover exciting new recipes together, without breaking the bank. 

Our fully qualified and highly experienced chef Jimmy updates the menu on a regular basis – with a few classic favourites remaining a constant, because why mess with perfection? 

Each week, you can log in and explore a fresh selection of superb recipes to choose from, which we will deliver to your door anywhere in the Melbourne metropolitan area. Treat yourselves to a date night three or four nights a week, with VegMeUp! 

Our 2 person plant-based meal kits are delicious, convenient and affordable 

Why spend hours researching new recipes and walking the aisles of the supermarket (or settling for takeaway food because you can’t be bothered), when you can leave all that to our excellent team and simply follow the instructions for cooking up a simple, nutritious and mouth-watering plant-based meal? 

Rest assured, we source all our fresh produce from local farmers (where possible), and deliver our 2 person plant-based meal kits in sustainable packaging. Healthy eating has never been easier, with VegMeUp. 

Why are our 2 person plant-based meal delivery kits so awesome? 

  • Our chef Jimmy has nearly 20 years experience working in various kitchens across the Netherlands and Australia
  • We regularly update our menu to keep our recipes as fresh as our locally sourced produce!
  • Our recipes are simple, straightforward and not overly time-consuming
  • There are no lock-in contracts with VegMeUp – simply give us a week’s notice if you want to end your subscription or take a few weeks off
  • We cater for a wide range of food allergies and dietary requirements
  • VegMeUp is committed to being as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, from our packaging through to our recipes and delivery methods 

We also have a phenomenal range of nutritious snacks and ingredients to choose from in our online store, including organic black chia seeds, vegan beef jerky, organic maple syrup, savoury yeast and almonds coated in dark chocolate.