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Vegmeup Values
Vegmeup Values
Vegmeup Values
Vegmeup Values
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Reduce your environmental footprint
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Jimmy founder VegMeUp's plant based meal delivery

VegMeUp is a plant based meal-kit delivery service that brings fresh produce and easy to cook delicious plant-based recipes direct to your door. With rotating classics and new plant-based dishes offered every week, you will always find something you love.

Eat well and reduce your footprint through delicious meals made with seasonal and mostly locally sourced veg, with minimal waste and environmentally friendly packaging. 

VegMeUp is a small local business run by a professional chef who is passionate about creating delicious plant-based meals that are good for your health and for the health of our planet. We offer a diverse range of plant-based meal plans and products with a strong focus on sustainability.

Eat healthy & Reduce your footprint

Healthy Eating and Reducing your Footprint Has Never Been Easier with VegMeUp Plant-Based Meal Delivery in Melbourne

Do you want to reduce your footprint by eating delicious plant-based food? Are you looking for a convenient healthy eating solution delivered right to your door? VegMeUp delivers Melbournians delicious plant-based meal kits, comprising fresh ingredients and easy-to-cook recipes that will make your mouth water!

With rotating classics and new plant-based dishes offered every week, you’ll always find something you love on our menu. Rest assured, our plant-based meal kits allow you to eat healthy, regardless of how busy your schedule is.

Enjoy access to gourmet recipes, seasonal and locally sourced vegetables, delivered in environmentally friendly packaging for your peace of mind. From pastas and noodle dishes, salads to curries, stews, burgers and countless other delightful cuisines, VegMeUp offers a balanced and nutritious diet to keep you healthy and full of energy.

How does it work?

How do our hassle-free Melbourne plant-based meal kits work?

Our process is really quite straightforward. Simply create a VegMeUp account, select your weekly meals, and we’ll deliver them to your door anywhere in the Melbourne metropolitan area, every Tuesday.

We change up our menu every week, in addition, we rotate a handful of classic customer favourites which we keep on offer all year round. Our meal plans cater for 2-4 people each week, which means we can keep your household well-stocked with quality produce for flavourful plant-based meals – all of which have been designed by our very own professional chef!

What are the benefits?

What are the benefits of choosing plant-based meal delivery from VegMeUp?

  • Fresh produce and simple recipes for healthy and nutritious meals without the fuss
  • Reducing your footprint by cutting back on your meat intake for better health of the planet and yourself
  • Delicious plant-based food that caters for the entire family (we offer healthy dishes and always include some comfort food meals too)
  • No lock-in contracts – pause or cancel your subscription at any time, with one week’s notice
  • We cater for a wide variety of allergies and dietary requirements (information is listed alongside each meal description, and you can speak to us directly for expert guidance)
  • Browse our selection of plant-based entertainment boxes and other standalone products to enhance your VegMeUp home delivery experience!

Whether you require a two-person meal kit, four-person meal kit, party box or perhaps something sweet like dark chocolate-coated almonds, VegMeUp is your ideal one-stop solution. We also provide gift cards, so you can treat your loved ones to the gift of healthy meals delivered straight to their kitchen!

Ready to join the plant-based revolution?